Who will deliver the food ?

. The website provides three options: Delivery, Pick Up and Order for Later. The restaurant is responsible for delivering the food if the delivery option was chosen.  

Do I have to be an expert to create my website?

  NO, creating your website through UP is super easy and very simple – you don't need to be an expert in programming or to have a background in coding. All you need is to fill in basic information such as the restaurant’s phone number, location and prices, etc.

Is it possible to use the website for more than one branch or location?

  Yes, a restaurant can have a single website to serve different branches without any additional fee. 

Payment Gateway

  "UP" – so far – is not providing a benefit gateway. But it will be announced once this is available. 

Using "UP" for other business

 UP is customized for restaurants only. Using the platform to create websites for different purposes is not possible. 

My website is not working?

  The most common reasons are: your subscription is not renewed, selling alcoholic drinks or pork, or providing wrong information to the customer.