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Think Up Reporter:Sahar Masood
Featuring: Dubai Press Club 


In 2001, Dubai Press Club was established under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum. Since then, the forum has been offering local and international professionals in the field of media and communication a platform for sharing and debating various topics via the Arab Media Forum. In a few days, Dubai Press Club  will be hosting the 11th Arab Media Forum.

This year, Think Up will be one of Dubai Press Club ’s partners in organizing the event. One of our roles will be volunteering during the event, which will take place on the 8th and 9th of May. Think Up members will be working alongside around 20 dedicated and talented local volunteers, including photographers and videographers, in order to report the event to the public. Our second role will be presenting Dubai Press Club  with 20 gifted youths to showcase their talents in front of the renowned reporters and guests.

The talents, who we are proud to have on our team, include the following:



  • Aref Hareb:

Aref is a creative Emirati Photographer who tries to capture beautiful memories with his photos.

As he put it, “I’ve always been fascinated with sunrises and sunsets, the beginnings and the ends of light. Photography has been my tool to capture those moments, to freeze that change and live it forever”.



  • Amna Al Fardh:

Amna has a talent in creating beautiful and detailed paper quilled dolls. She is the first and only Arab to compete in international quilling competitions, which she has participated in and won 3 times in the UK and US. This quilling expert is trying to create a world record by making over a thousand paper quilled dolls by the end of May 2012.



  • Faisal Jassim:

(Faisal Jassim on the left and Thani Al Shafar on the right)

In their desire to preserve the UAE culture, and globally promote the Emirati identity, Faisal along with his friend Thani Al Shafar co-founded Appthik, a tech start up focused on doing just that. One of the first innovations these two young creative Emiratis created was Thikrayat, an IPhone application that translates traditional Emirati words into formal Arabic and English.



  • Balqees Sabir:

Balqees is a contemporary Emirati Photographer who blends traditional UAE culture with modern art in her photographs. She captures the UAE’s essence through the eyes of a young Emirati.

“I am in love with my country which makes me view UAE in a special and different way. I believe in the UAE youth and I think it’s our responsibility to show modern art however to not lose track of our identity”.



  • Rashed Bin Hussain:

Rashed is an Emirati Oud Player who plays beautiful infusions of Arabic and Western music. Rashed, who started playing the instrument at the young age of thirteen, is the 1st young Emirati to take part in an orchestra called the Youth Orchestra of The Middle East (YOME).



  • Khalid Bin Hamad:

Khalid is a gifted Manga Artist from the UAE. Being mentored by great Emirati artists such as Mohamad Al Astad and Jalal Luqman and being one of the few who have taken professional animation courses in Japan, Khalid really excels at what he does. So far, Khalid has participated in many art galleries including ones held in Emirates palace, Fermont Hotel in Dubai, Marina Mall and many more.



  • Omar Al Gurg:

Omar is a passionate Photographer from the UAE whose work is focused on portraiture and conceptual photography. In May, Omar will have his first exhibition alongside two other photographers under “Bidaya”.

“To me, photography is a tool which helps open many closed doors for people, some of which have complex locks.”



  • Sarah Al Matrooshi:

Sarah is a self-taught Guitar Player from the UAE who plays Pop, Country, and RnB music. By reading various online articles and watching YouTube tutorials, she learned how to read music sheets and with a lot of practice, she perfected her skill in playing the Guitar.

“I decided to practice in the confinement of my room, not ever dreaming that I would one day be noticed. Now, it’s my chance to inspire others to come out like I did”.


  • Sarah Abdulla:

Sarah is gifted talent who makes very beautiful artwork with beads. One of her masterpieces is a portrait of H. H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, which she created using 18 different colours with around 16,820 beads!


  • Khalifa Al Mehairi:

Khalifa is a Photographer from the UAE who takes beautifully structured photos with his camera. With an MSC in structural Engineering, his photos truly show the connection between engineering and photography.

As Khalifa put it, Photography is “an extension of my long interest in visual arts; the only differences I can name is the medium and technicalities”.


  • Ahlam Al Qasim:

Ahlam is a very gifted self-taught Shading Artist from the UAE. When she was a little girl, Ahlam liked drawing on everything she could get her hands on. Now, with a lot of practice, she draws very beautiful portrait, one of which is a portrait of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (May peace be upon him).
As Ahlam said herself, “I find perfection in the imperfections of human features and of nature”.


  • Ali Kashwani:

Ali is a talented Emirati Manga Artist who reflects Arabic culture and history through his drawings. Ali participated in this year’s Middle East Film and Comic Con and received a lot of attention for his artwork.


  • Meera Al Siri:

(Fatma Al Gaith on the left next to Meera Al Siri on the right)

Meera is an Emirati who co-designed an application called “Boum” with her friend Fatma Al Ghaith. Boum is a mobile application that enables users to promote various landmarks in the UAE. Both Meera and Fatma received the “Young Achievers of the Year 2011” award during the Arabian Business Achievement Ceremony for their creative app, which they initially created as their graduation project.

“I genuinely believe that this is not the end but the beginning of our journey towards bigger achievements” – Meera Al Siri


  • Abdulla Al Braiki & Mahmoud Ali:

(Abdulla Al Braiki on the top and Mahmoud Ali on the bottom)

Abdulla and Mahmoud are two Artists who share the passion of creating beautiful artwork by burning on wood. Abdulla spends most of his time drawing Manga art while Mahmoud likes to paint; however, together they craft the most detailed and well-crafted artwork from wood. Abdulla has displayed his artwork to the public on various occasions including during Emirates skills 2009, the Young Entrepreneur Competition 2012 and the Middle East Film and Comic Con 2012. Mahmoud has also displayed his artwork in different places including the fine art gallery in UAE University and the Young Entrepreneur Competition 2012.

  • Saeed Al Nazari, Abdulrahim Al Janahi & Abdulla Al Sheikh:

(Abdulla Al Sheikh on the left next to Saeed Al Nazari in the middle and Abdulrahim Al Janahi on the right)

Saeed, Abdulrahim and Abdulla are three passionate Emiratis who manifest their interest in graphic design and interior design in their out-of-the-box creations, with one of their most creative creations being Dubaipoly. Most of us, if not all, have grown up playing Monopoly at one point in our lives. These three Emiratis sought to create an Emirati version of the game, hence the name Dubaipoly. They personalized the game and added features that reflected the UAE culture, history and landmarks.


  • Hessa Al Abdulla:

Hessa is a writer, reader & an editor from the UAE. She is a person who strives to leave a positive impact in everything she does and to always be the best that she can be. She started writing in 2007 and has not stopped since. She mostly writes khawater, which she is passionate about.

“I joined Untitled Chapters which is a female Writing group for Emiratis as one of its first members and have found a community where I can share my work and grow as a poet.”

  • Afra Atiq:

Afra is an Emirati spoken-word poet and youth mentor; she strives to promote conscious poetry through writing. Afra has performed at many open mic nights, literary readings, schools and universities. She loves being on stage and bringing elements of drama and humor to her performances. She is known as the “Miracle Worker/ Event Planner” for Untitled Chapters.

Event details:
Name: Arab Media Forum 2012
Place: Grand Hyatt
Date: 8th and 9th of May
Timing: 9:00am – 5:30PM

To read a press release about Think Up’s involvement in the event, click HERE.

For more information about the event, visit Arab Media Forums’ website HERE.

To register for the event, click HERE.

We are very excited about this upcoming Arab Media Forum. We hope all our talents and volunteers have a wonderful experience!

Stay tuned for updates on the event.

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